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Brumate MagPack 24-Can Backpack Soft Cooler

Brumate MagPack 24-Can Backpack Soft Cooler

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Meet the BrüMate MagPack™, a soft cooler equipped with IceShield™ technology designed to keep your drinks and snacks ice cold for days. Plus, the MagPack™ is a leakproof soft cooler that has a Pivot™ Magnetic Lid so that you can sip without worrying about spills.

Made for ultimate portability, our new MagPack™ 24-Can cooler defines what a soft cooler should be; leakproof, insulated, lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Spacious and efficient, it's the cooler that keeps on giving. Dive into any adventure with the MagPack™ 24-Can. This one was designed to keep your adventures ice-cold and fueled from start to finish. Outfitted with our zipper-free innovative Pivot™ magnetic lid to seal in the cold and prevent leaks, IceGuard™ insulation to lock in the cold for days on end, and our durable, water-proof and puncture-proof Repel™ shell.


The MagPack Series is our first-ever soft cooler series, made to keep your drinks ice cold with confidence and convenience. Available in 3 different sizes, MagPack coolers enhance your every day with a 100% leakproof magnetic seal, a durable water-proof, puncture-proof shell, an antimicrobial interior liner, and comfortable carrying straps making it easier than ever to bring your cooler along with you without sacrificing cold drinks.

Looking for a soft cooler backpack? Check out the MagPack™ 24-Can, which has removable backpack straps. Prefer to carry your portable soft cooler? The MagPack 12-Can and MagPack 18-Can have removable carry straps for easy portability. With the BrüMate MagPack™, you get ice cold convenience no matter your next adventure.


Whether you're hanging out by a campfire or partying at a tailgate, the MagPack™ soft cooler has you covered. Join the BrüMate community today, and see what the hype is about!

MagPack FAQ

How Much Does It Weigh?
The MagPack 24-Can Cooler weighs 7.74lbs when empty.

How Long Will It Keep Ice?
The MagPack 24-Can Cooler can keep ice cool for 24+ hours.

How Much Can It Hold?
24 12oz cans plus ice, 21lbs ice only, or 7 bottles of wine/liquor plus ice.

Is the MagPack soft cooler leakproof?
Yes! MagPack is 100% leakproof. Our innovative Pivot™ magnetic lid seals in the cold to prevent leaks.

How do I remove/adjust the straps?
To adjust the backpack straps, let out or take in fabric on the straps until you reach your desired length preference. To remove the backpack straps, simply unclip the straps from the back of the cooler.

How durable is the MagPack?
MagPack's Repel™ Shell is 100% water proof and puncture-resistant to keep your gear protected on your adventures. It also features UPF coating to protect your cooler from fading and harsh UV rays.

What Black Ice™ Packs fit best?
One 3lb or two 2lb Black Ice™ packs placed horizontally on the top or the bottom fit best. Please note this will impact can capacity.

How do I clean the MagPack?
Wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary, and allow all components to dry completely. Refrain from using any harsh chemical cleaners to avoid materials degrading over time. For tougher marks, we recommend using a Magic Eraser. MagPack also features antimicrobial fabric on the inside of the cooler to protect against bacterial growth.

How do I properly close the MagPack Lid?
When closing the lid, apply downward pressure directly on the center of the latch to lock in place for a fully leakproof seal.

Is the MagPack BPA-free?
Yes, all BrüMate products are BPA, BPS, and BPF-free.

Is the MagPack covered under warranty?
Yes, we have a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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