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Sasshole Designs is created by Scott & Laura, founded by our love of crafty shit, and continually inspired by the motto "pfft, I can make that." We create everything with love and maybe (definitely) alcohol.

We are located in Lorette Manitoba Canada and ship worldwide.

We carry the full line of awesome Brümate insulated drinkware personalized with our own designs or custom creations, laser engraved for amazing sharp detail & 100% permanence.

We make all types of wood, acrylic, slate & leather items - home decor, keychains, coasters, party & wedding favors, decor & signage, plant & garden stakes, ornaments & gift tags, diy sign & puzzle kits, retail displays & signage. Rounded out with some cozy sarcastic hoodies, tees & tote bags to advertise your personality (or lack thereof). We pride ourselves on knowing every detail on every product we carry & create, getting at least a little snort of laughter from every person that browses our designs.

We can work with you to create a custom design, create the file in our vector software, and send to you for final approval before creating or customizing each item with our in house lasers. Each wood piece is hand sanded, stained, and sealed; each Brümate tumbler is individually engraved, cleaned & sanitized before heading to their new loving homes.

Questions about custom or wholesale orders? Contact us at sales@sassholedesigns.com or via facebook or instagram @sassholedesignsco


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