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Brumate Backtap - 3 Gallon Backpack Cooler

Brumate Backtap - 3 Gallon Backpack Cooler

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Meet the BackTap. The world's first stainless-steel lined, leak resistant, backpack cooler with a tap. Designed to be small enough for most tracks and events, but big enough to carry everything you need for a day of fun, while making hauling your drinks a breeze. Holds 3 gallons of your favorite adult beverage, 14 slim cans (White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra), 12 standard 12oz beer cans, or 5 bottles of wine.

COOLER + DRINK DISPENSER TAPBACK TECH: We believe that if you can put a tap on it, you should. So, we did. Mix your drinks right in the cooler & dispense on-the-go.
TRANSPORT YOUR WAY: Everyone has different preferences. We offer a durable handle, comfortable load-bearing backpack straps (included), and a shoulder strap (sold separately)
PARTYPROOF DESIGN: From week-long camping trips to weekend-long ragers, the rotomolded exterior is designed to withstand any adventure.
FLOATING FAN: Floats even when full to move the party overboard.
DRINKREADY TECH: The removable, washable, stainless steel interior ensures drinks stay ice-cold and fresh without harboring bacteria.
PARTY HARD, REAST EASY: Feelin' boozy? Rest your booty. Our leak resistant flip-top lid doubles as a seat.

Please note: exterior body is rotomolded - each swirl backtap is unique and may not be exactly as shown.

3 GALLONS: Mix your favorite adult beverage right in the cooler.
14 SLIM CANS: White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, and more.
14 BEER CANS: Standard 12oz US cans.
5 WINE BOTTLES: Or 15 poured.
WIDTH (handle side): 13.5 Inches
WIDTH (latch to back): 13 inches
HEIGHT: 14.75 Inches

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