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Pre-Engraved Brumate Highball - Amethyst

Pre-Engraved Brumate Highball - Amethyst

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End of season blow out of our Pre-Engraved stock! Matte Amethyst Brumate Highball 12oz Tumbler, laser engraved with "We go together like drunk & disorderly" design


HIGHBALL OR HIGH FASHION? Mojitos never looked so good. We've created the world's most perfect tumbler designed specifically to keep your favorite mixed drinks ice-cold, so your concoctions are never watered down keeping you on the go without the worry of wasting your drink or shattering your glass. The exterior of the Highball will always stay cool and condensation-free, so you’ll be able to hold it comfortably and enjoy your drinks, hot or cold, in style. No worries about shattering, as the tumbler is made of premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel with superior quality powder coat that’s rust resistant. All Brumate tumblers are guaranteed for life, & hand wash only, but lids and accessories are dishwasher safe WHO THE HELL IS TOM COLLINS? From Paloma's to Pimms, the 12oz Highball tumbler is designed with sipping in mind. With a classic square bottom and round rim, impressive sleek lines accent the base while our BevGuard™ technology makes sure your cocktails are always fresh, and never watered down. Pair with our Rocks tumbler to replace all your breakable glassware.

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