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BruTank 35-Quart Rolling Cooler

BruTank 35-Quart Rolling Cooler

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The cooler you know and love: Now available in a more compact and lighter size.

The BrüTank 35qt is made for enhancing your adventures, from camping and beach days, to backyard BBQs, sporting events with the family, and more. It’s 30% lighter and smaller than its 55qt counterpart, allowing it to go wherever you go, while offering our signature removable 1.8-gallon drink tank with a built-in tap, puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels that effortlessly glide over any surface (including sand), a foam seat top, a built-in bottle opener, a wide variety of epic accessories, and 7+ day ice retention.

  • 2.8 Gallon Capacity
  • 7+ Days of Ice Retention
  • Fits 48 12oz Cans
  • 12 Bottles of Wine or Liquor
  • Tap™ Tech
  • Adventure Proof Design
  • All-Terrain Wheels

Made For Enhancing Your Adventures - The all-terrain wheels are designed for any adventure.

Built-In Tap - Bring your favorite mixed drinks on the go with the built-in tap and removable 1.8 gallon Drink Tank.

How Much Does It Weigh?
The BrüTank 35qt weighs 31lbs with the Drink Tank installed.

How Much Can It Hold?
1.8 gallons of your favorite drink in the tank + 36 12oz cans or 9 wine bottles. See our Specs & Fitment for additional details.

How long will BrüTank 35qt keep ice?
The BrüTank can keep ice-cold for 7+ days when using the proper techniques. Check out our FAQ below for ice-retention tricks.

Collapsible, Telescopic Handle
The telescoping handle stores neatly on the back of the cooler when not in use. Just press the button, and pull the handle up when you're ready to lock and roll.

Removable, Self-Tapping Drink Tank
The removable, self-tapping feature allows you to drop your drink tank in and out of the cooler with zero mess, making cleanup easy.

Built-In Bottle Opener
Never worry about forgetting to bring a bottle opener. The Built-In Bottle Opener makes opening all your glass bottles easy.

BrüTank 35qt FAQ

Is the BrüTank cooler leakproof?
Yes, the BrüTank is 100% leakproof and so is the included removable self-tapping drink tank that holds 1.8 gallons of your favorite beverage making transporting your drinks easy and spill-free.

How do I use the self-tapping drink tank?
Filling: Unlatch the lid, fill it up with drinks, and close it all back up.

Venting: Make sure to shut and latch the lid, insert the drink tank properly, and turn the dial on top of the cooler to the right to increase the flow rate of your drinks.

Removing: To remove the tank from the cooler, just unscrew the spout and the tank will self-seal for removal, so you can save your drinks for later.

Contents: Any beverage is fine, but it is not recommended for use with hot drinks or slushy-style drinks.

What terrain are the wheels compatible with?
The BrüTank features puncture-resistant, all-terrain wheels, meaning it can roll over any surface (even sand), so you can pack your BrüTank for your next beach day, camping trip, or tailgate without a worry.

What’s the best way to pack the BrüTank for maximum ice retention?
The BrüTank can keep ice cool for 7+ days, depending on the types of items you store, how often you open it, how much ice is used when packing, and how tightly everything is packed. To ensure maximum ice retention, we recommend loading ice at the bottom of the cooler and layering it with your items on top. This way, all of your items have an equal chance to stay cool. For additional cooling, we recommend pre-chilling your cooler with ice for an hour before loading it, and adding our Black Ice™ Packs at the bottom to refreeze any melted ice and significantly extend ice-retention time.

What Black Ice™ Packs fit best with this size BrüTank?
With the Drink Tank inserted, it is recommended to use three 2lb Black Ice™ packs on the bottom (side-by-side) or one 3lb Black Ice™ pack flat on the bottom of the cooler.

How do I clean the BrüTank?
Unscrew the tap or plug and remove the tank. Clean the tank and cooler with a mild dish detergent and hot water. Rinse the tap thoroughly with hot, soapy water and allow all components to dry completely. Ensure all components are tightly fastened before use to prevent leakage.

Is the BrüTank BPA-free?
Yes, all BrüMate products are BPA, BPS, and BPF-free.

Is the BrüTank covered under warranty?
Yes, we have a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Capacity: 35qt
- Without the Drink Tank installed: 38lbs of ice, 51 12oz cans, or 13 bottles of wine/liquor.
- With the Drink Tank installed: 25lbs of ice, 36 12oz cans, or 9 bottles of wine/liquor.
- Drink Tank holds 1.8 gallons of your favorite beverage.
Weight w/Dry Rack (not included): 32lbs
Empty Weight w/Drink Tank: 31lbs
Length: 22 inches
Width (including handle): 21 inches
Height: 19 inches

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