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Brumate Rotera 65oz - Custom Laser Engraving Available

Brumate Rotera 65oz - Custom Laser Engraving Available

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The Rotera series was made for all day hydration. We set out on a mission to create the perfect water bottle, and we did just that. So, what makes it different? The TwistSip™ straw lid offers on-demand sanitary sips, our signature ColdKey™ stainless steel straw prevents plastic from sitting in your water all day, our BevGuard™ technology keeps ice for 24+ hours and the swappable soft-touch sleeve makes this the most durable and customizable insulated bottle ever.

Note: Color and pattern may vary due to the process used to create unique swirls on each product.

A New Twist On Hydration

Made to enhance every moment of your day and keep your straw germ-free at the gym, at school, or on the job.

Leakproof Design - Because your water bottle shouldn’t create messes for you.

Wide Mouth Opening - We know ice is important, so we created a mouth large enough for all standard ice makers to make refilling a breeze.

Built-In Handle - The built-in, soft-touch handle makes the Rotera adventure ready and easy to hold.


Rotera FAQ

How do I twist open the lid?
To open the Rotera lid, turn the soft-touch TwistSip™ band clockwise to raise the straw piece without ever making hand contact with your drinking straw. To close the lid, turn the soft-touch TwistSip™ band counter clockwise to lower the straw piece and enjoy a fully leakproof drinking experience.

Is the Rotera 100% leakproof?
Yes! When closed, the TwistSip™ lid is 100% leakproof with cold and non-carbonated beverages. Do not use your Rotera with hot or carbonated beverages.

How long can the Rotera keep my drink hot/cold/carbonated?
The Rotera is insulated using our BevGuard™ technology which keeps ice for 24+ hours. The more ice you use, the longer it’ll stay cold. To maximize ice retention, we recommend filling it up with at least 50% ice.

Is the Rotera dishwasher safe?
If your Rotera is dishwasher safe, it will say it on the base of the product itself. For dishwasher-safe finishes, all parts of the Rotera are top-rack safe except for the lid. It is recommended that you hand wash the lid with warm soapy water and towel/air dry. If your sleeve has any dirt marks on it, a magic eraser will remove them.

Can I remove the silicone sleeve?
Yes, the silicone sleeve is easily removable for cleaning. Plus, it's specially designed to protect against drops, dents, and dings for all of life's adventures.

Is the Rotera cupholder friendly?
The 15oz and 25oz Rotera sizes are cup holder friendly, making them perfect for your commute to the office or the gym.

Are the lids compatible with other Rotera bottles?
Yes, the Rotera lid can be swapped between the 15oz, 25oz, 35oz and 65oz Rotera bottles.

How often should I clean my Rotera straw?
When using your Rotera with plain water and ice, cleaning it once per week is fine. If you use powders like BCAA’s, Liquid IV or something similar, you should clean it after each use to prevent bacterial growth. To clean your bottle and straw, check out the Bottle & Tumbler Cleaning Essentials Bundle.

How much does the Rotera bottle weigh?
The weight of each Rotera bottle is:
65oz: 2 lbs, 1.5 oz
35oz: 1 lb, 7.5 oz
25oz: 1 lb, 5 oz
15oz: 1 lb

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