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Sticks Rummy

Sticks Rummy

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Get ready to up your game night with Sticks Rummy, the ultimate twist on the classic card game. With 50 sticks laser marked with different hands to collect, this game will stick with you as you strategize and outwit your opponents. Perfect for family game night or a fun night in with friends.

Includes 50 sticks, each approx 0.5" x 6" black acrylic laser marked with the hands to collect, red burlap bag & 4 decks of Bicycle rummy cards.

Quick Rules:

2-7 Players • 4 decks of cards with jokers • jokers & deuces are wild • aces are high.

Players each choose 1 stick from the bag & place it so they can see it but opponents cannot. Each player is dealt 15 cards. Place the rest of the cards face down to make a draw deck. Top card is flipped face up to form a discard pile.  On each player's turn, they choose 1 card from the top of the draw deck or the top card from the discard deck.
Once a player has all the cards required for the stick, they must lay the cards down & turn the stick over for everyone to see.
After you have placed down, you can play cards on other player’s laid down cards, add to sets or runs, or start new sets or runs with a minimum of 3 cards. 
Sets can be continued, but you cannot pick up the wilds out of a set. Runs be continued, & wilds can be picked up out of runs & replaced with the natural card.
Each sequence (run or set) must have more natural cards than wild cards.

To end a round, player can discard their last card onto to the discard pile or they can use their last card to add to any sets or runs on the table.
At the end of each round, any player with a stick turned over gets to choose a new stick. Any player who hasn't turned over their stick gets to try the same stick again. 
If a player cannot turn their stick over in 3 hands, return it to the bag & pick a new stick. At the beginning of each new round, the cards are shuffled & each player gets a new hand of 15 cards.
The first player to complete the requirements of 7 sticks turned over wins

Free • place in front of you as a won stick & choose another stick to play. If drawn as your 7th stick, return & draw again. Game cannot be won on free. Free can be kept on first hand.
Steal • if drawn after any other player has won a stick - keep the steal stick & steal another from any opponent. Choose a new playing stick. Game cannot be won on a steal. If drawn on first hand, return to bag & draw again.

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