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Pre-Engraved Brumate Rehydration 25oz Bottle - Onyx Leopard

Pre-Engraved Brumate Rehydration 25oz Bottle - Onyx Leopard

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End of season blow out of our Pre-Engraved stock! Onyx Leopard Rehydration 25oz bottle, laser engraved with "Alcohol, because life is hard and feelings are stupid" design


25oz with a leakproof, sip-through straw lid and carrying handle. Hydrate better with the Rehydration. The Brümate Rehydration Bottle is a 25oz canteen that keeps your drinks ice-cold while on-the-go with a 100% leakproof sip-through straw lid. The durable, easy-carry handle makes this your all day go-to hydration bottle for any occasion or activity. No matter what you're sipping, it will stay the perfect temperature for hours. All Brumate tumblers are guaranteed for life, & hand wash only, but lids and accessories are dishwasher safe All Day On-The-Go Rehydration Leakproof Straw Lid 24+ Hrs Cold Easy-Carry Loop Perfect For Travel Non-Slip Base

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