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Pre-Engraved Brumate Nav XL 32oz - Matte Black

Pre-Engraved Brumate Nav XL 32oz - Matte Black

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End of season blow out of our Pre-Engraved stock! Matte Black Nav XL 32oz tumbler, laser engraved with "I know I swear a lot 1. I'm very sorry 2. I'll try to be good 3. 1 & 2 are lies 4. You can fuck off" design

Leakproof in Action Leakproof and large, the NAV XL is our versatile, fully leakproof, triple-insulated, stainless steel mug that works with both hot and cold beverages. Fully leakproof and insulated to keep hot, cold and carbonated drinks the perfect temperature at home or on the go. BevLock™ Technology seals it tight to prevent spills and a magnetic closure to keep the lid open while you sip. Perfect for morning coffee, late-night cocktails, and every drink in between. The multipurpose workhorse - 32oz capacity for the XL coffee mornings, locking leakproof lid for the clumsy afternoons, easy to hold mixed drink for the evenings. No matter what you're sipping, it will stay the perfect temperature for hours. Part of our New MÜV Collection, this NAV includes BevLock™ Technology with a fully leakproof locking lid and magnetic closure to keep the lid open while you sip All Brumate tumblers are guaranteed for life. We recommend handwashing only to keep your engraving perfect, but lids and accessories are dishwasher safe.

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