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Pre-Engraved Brumate Hopsulator Slim - Azure

Pre-Engraved Brumate Hopsulator Slim - Azure

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End of season blow out of our Pre-Engraved stock! Matte Azure Blue Brumate Hopsulator Slim can cooler, laser engraved with "May (definitely) contain alcohol" design


Savor Every Single Sip. If you can't stand the heat, don't sweat it. The Hopsulator Slim keeps all of your favorite 12oz slim canned beverages icy-cold, no matter how hot the party gets. Never experience another warm sip in your slim cans. Features our Push-Lock™ Technology so you can easily insert and remove your cans without unscrewing the gasket. The Original Slim Can Cooler Fits 12oz Slim Cans Every Sip, Ice-Cold Push-Lock™ Gasket Cup Holder Friendly Non-Slip Base

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