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Brumate MUV 25oz - Custom Laser Engraving Available

Brumate MUV 25oz - Custom Laser Engraving Available

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Customize your MUV to work perfectly with your vibe. Designs are laser engraved for 100% absolute permanence. Add your name, custom saying, or one of our many designs. If you have a custom logo or bulk order request, please contact us! 

~Note: designs will be laser engraved on the blank sides opposite the brumate logo~

Laser engraving removes the powder coat to show the stainless steel base, which is generally silver, with the exception of Black Stainless & Dark Aura. These are colored stainless steel, so the engraving is a more subtle tone on tone.

Tumblers are customized with love and alcohol. Slight variations should be expected.

Müv Over, Ordinary

Your favorite mug is back and better than ever. The Müv Series is designed to elevate your hot, cold, and carbonated with ice beverages.

The Müv 25oz was made for fueling your day and is the most feature-packed mug with a handle there is. It has our 100% leakproof BevLock™ lid to seal in your beverages and stop leaks, our brand-new,  OctaLock™ thread system to make taking your lid on and off a breeze, and our MagFlip™ technology to assist in keeping your lid open while you sip. Also equipped with a scratch-resistant + comfort grip handle, a cup holder friendly base, a removable, color-matched silicone sleeve for ultimate durability, and our BevGuard™ technology to keep your drinks hot for 6+ hours or cold for 24+ hours.

Made For Fueling Your Day

24+ Hours Ice-Cold / 6+ Hours Hot

The Müv Series is totally leakproof when used with hot, cold, and carbonated beverages with ice when locked.

100% Leakproof. Really.

BevGuard™ Technology keeps your favorite drinks hot or cold without any metallic taste.

Cup Holder Friendly

Müv 25oz is made to travel and goes where you go with a cup holder compatible base.

Müv 25oz FAQ

What beverages are compatible with Müv?
All Müv sizes are compatible with hot, cold, and carbonated beverages with ice.

How do I lock + unlock the leakproof lid?
To Open: Push the slide lock away from you to the unlocked position, exposing the "unlock" icon. Push the MagFlip lid upwards, which will keep the lid in place while you sip.
To Close: Close the MagFlip lid. Push the slide lock towards you to the locked position until it clicks, exposing the "lock" icon and enjoy a 100% leakproof experience.

How do I choose my lid’s sipping position?
Choose your drink position by aligning your lid with 1 of the 8 grooves. Turn the lid slightly to the left, and push the lid downward until the lid is flush with the top of the tumbler. Turn the lid slightly to the right to lock it in place.

How do I take the lid on and off?
When taking the lid off, simply turn the lid slightly to the left and pull up. Follow the steps in the question above to put your lid on.

How long will Müv 25oz keep my drink hot + cold?
Müv 25oz will keep hot beverages warm for 6+ hours, and cold for 24+ hours.

Does the Müv 25oz lid fit other products or work with a straw?
Müv lids are only interchangeable between 15oz + 25oz Müv sizes, however, be sure to use the correct size stainless steel straw as the 25oz is longer than the 15oz.

Müv 25oz lids are compatible with our reusable straws. We recommend the Large Straws for Müv 25oz.

Is Müv 25oz dishwasher safe?
Most finishes are top-rack dishwasher safe, except for Dark Aura which is hand wash only. Look at the bottom pad on your product to check if it is dishwasher safe.

Can I remove the silicone sleeve?
Yes. The silicone sleeve is removeable for easy, deep cleaning. Simply pull the sleeve past the groove, and slide off. The sleeves themselves are all top-rack dishwasher safe.

Is the Müv 25oz sustainable?
Sure is. Müv lids are made from the equivalent of 4 recycled water bottles, most finishes are dishwasher safe to reduce water usage, and the tumbler itself is inherently sustainable as it's reusable for life and eliminates the need for single-use plastics.

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